NICO South-East Regionals was a Success

NICOThe South-East regionals of the National ICT Champions’ Olympics was a resounding success. 52 girls from all over the south-east region of Nigeria gathered in FGC Okigwe to compete for the chance to represent the region at the National stage of the competition. The competition featured computer system assembling, logo design, quiz and presentation on ICT.

According to Toyin Olatayo, Executive Director, UNITeS Academy Foundation, “We need to encourage girls to participate more in ICT. A girl child at the grass root should have the opportunity of benefiting from ICT.

He added “We believe that inspiring and encouraging girls’ interest in technology will position them to become innovative and successful future leaders, contributing to the development of their families and the Nation.

NICO is a national competition powered by UNITeS Academy Foundation on the platform of UNITeS Cisco Networking Academy. The National ICT Champions’ Olympics (NICO) is designed to encourage girls’ participation in Technology for their personal development and development of the society. It also aims to demonstrate the capabilities and potential of girls, dispelling the notion that “ICT is a man’s job”.

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