The growing demand for ICT skills has created a lot of opportunities for Nigerian youth especially the girl child. In spite of the increase in number of notable women in technology, women are still largely under-represented in Nigeria. There is a huge gender gap in the technology sector in Nigeria. There is the need to bridge this gap and with this in mind, UNITeS Academy Foundation through it’s platform, UNITeS Cisco Networking Academy started a tech competition for teenage girls in rural communities in Nigeria. The National ICT Champions’ Olympics is a national competition designed to;

  • Provide a platform to encourage and inspire girls to embrace ICT

  • Demonstrate the skills & capabilities of the girl child dispelling the notion that “ICT is a man’s job”.

  • Highlight the need to encourage girls to embrace ICT

  • Encourage entrepreneurship skills & development among girls

All this is in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs’). We believe that inspiring and encouraging girls’ interest in technology will position them to become innovative and successful future leaders, contributing to the development of their families and the Nation. Investing in women’s progress is the most direct and effective way to invest in progress economically and socially around the world- Melanne Verveer

The National ICT Champions Olympics is aimed at JSS 2 and SS2 girls who are part of our academies all over Nigeria. The competition started with the regionals on 16 of June, 2016. The winners of the regions will then compete to be the national champion.



The south eastern part of Nigeria had the honour of being the first region to host the competition. The competition took place on the 16th of June, 2016 with FGC Okigwe being the host school.

From all over the south-eastern part of Nigeria, 52 secondary school girls (ages 12-16) gathered in FGC Okigwe not only to demonstrate their ICT competence and win prizes but for a chance to represent their region in the forth- coming national edition of the National ICT Champions’ Olympics.

The girls from the following participating schools: FGC Okigwe, FGC Nise, FGGC Owerri, FGGC Lejja, FGC Ohafia, FGGC Ezzamgbo, FGC Okposi, FGC Enugu and FSTC Awka competed in the various events at the competition. The competition featured:

  • Computer System Assembling & Troubleshooting

  • Logo Design

  • Quiz Competition

  • ICT Presentation

  • Networking

  • Game Development

The South-East regionals of the National ICT Champions’ Olympics was a resounding success. 19 girls won medals (6 Gold, 6 silver & 7 bronze) & prices for the different events. The wining schools also went home with cash gifts. Other participating students were not left out as they also went home with gifts.